In geology, foliation refers to the repetitive layering that occurs in metamorphic rock due to shearing forces and differential pressures. I’ve called this series foliation to refer to the process in which these paintings were created. Each painting is made by pouring lines of paint horizontally across the canvas. Then by tilting the canvas in various directions and pushing and pulling the paint with a palette knife the painting will take its shape.

When foliation occurs within rock it is heavily influenced by the properties of each mineral. Similarly, the paints being used in these paintings may have slightly different properties that will affect the way that they will interact with one another. As the painting dries, it will continue to change. For example denser layers will slowly sink and hide while less dense layers may rise, or layers that were spread thinly may be pushed around by the thicker applications of paint. With this series I aim to create pieces that reflect the energy of foliation and highlight the intriguing ways in which the colours interact with each other on the canvas.